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Terref.com offers a wide range of small business professional services, from network design to implementation, maintenance and support and consulting services. Your time is best devoted to your core business. Contact us for a free consultation on how we can become your outsourced IT department. We can assist you and your business.

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Virus Removal

Some viruses may disable your virus scanning software or reconfigure it to allow certain viruses in. For that reason, at least one virus scan will be done from a remote machine. This will ensure that any virus that may have infected your computer are not inhibiting your Anti-Virus software.  Sometimes viruses damage the Windows operating system files and resulting in catastrophic damage to your operating system. While repair is possible with sufficient time investment, a more cost effective approach is to backup your important data when possible, format the hard drive and reload the operating system. 

Adware & Spyware removal
In general, spyware is any technology that gathers information about a person or organization without their knowledge. On the Internet, spyware is programming that is put in someone's computer to secretly gather information about the user and relay it to advertisers or other parties. Spyware can get in a computer as a software virus or as the result of installing a program. Spyware usually does no damage other than making your system run slow and poses a threat to your security and identity. Data collecting programs that are installed with the user's knowledge are not spyware but act the same way. If the user fully understands what data is being collected and with whom it is being shared. Read all the terms and conditions before installing any new program! 

Your computer relies on adequate cooling to maintain internal components within safe operating temperature. Several fans that pull in air to keep the vital parts cool. This air exchange can easily be 35 to 50 cubic feet per minute. Dust in the air is deposited on the circuit boards, heat sinks, and inside the power supply. The dust prevents cooling air from reaching the parts which can eventually damage them from overheating.

Drive Install 
A new hard drive can be larger in capacity and faster too. If your hard drive is making odd noises or you experience data errors, it may be on the verge of failing totally. We can determine which one works with your computer, what setting are needed, and if you can retain the original drive while also using a new one. Adding a second hard drive is very beneficial to keep your important files isolated from the programs. A second drive for data only is highly recommend for business purposes to provide safer storage of critical information. With this approach, the entire data drive can be copied to a CD periodically for the safest backup of business files. 

Install new memory 
The newer versions of Windows utilize a lot of memory to keep all process running efficiently. As you add more programs such as Anti-Virus, Internet Security, and others that are always running in the background, sometimes additional memory is needed. 

Data Backup
If you've ever lost access to your hard drive, you know the horrible feeling of realizing you can't retrieve your data. Perhaps a virus has damaged your operating system, the hard drive is sounding strange or you find errors being reported, it is time to save it all before catastrophic loss is experienced. If your computer software or operating system is damaged to the point that it requires a new installation, we will recover and backup your data before we reinstall. A good rule for minimizing cost is to back up only the essential data.
More About Backing Your Computer

Installing a new operating system
If your operating system is old and no longer supported with all the latest security updates or does not allow your new programs to run efficiently, upgrading to the latest operating system will fix a multitude of problems. When possible, we highly recommend a "clean install" which means the drive is wiped clean of all files and the new operating system is installed totally new. This service includes every thing from upgrading the system Basic Input / Output System (BIOS) to installing the Operating System. NOTE: Do not ask us to install an illegal copy of an operating system. You must either supply original software to us or we will provide it for you at local market cost. 

Card Install 
Do you want to add a new sound, video or other circuit card? Did the recent storm fry your modem? We can install it for you and check the performance. Applies to modem, sound, video, network and most other internal cards. 

In shop Diagnostic testing
When you have no clue about what is wrong we will troubleshoot the system and provide an estimate of what needs to be done. 

On-Site Diagnostic testing and repair
Since additional time and travel is required for on site servicing, our rates must be higher than those for in shop services. If the repair is complicated or time consuming, or if time is not critical, you can generally save money with our In-Shop Service. A fixed flat rate is set for most In-Shop repairs. Most In-Shop repairs are completed in 2-5 days. If you need your computer done fast we can do that too.