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PHONEslips Software

Now shipping! PHONEslips 12

Our best version yet!
Telexis, developers of PHONEslips, announces the release of version 12. This latest version has improvements to all areas of the product and several completely new features. In addition, the software maintains the same look and functionality of older versions, making it easy for staff to use it right away. For a limited time, licensed users of previous versions of PHONEslips are entitled to special upgrade pricing (see order form below).

New! Time Card Feature
You already use PHONEslips for all of your office communications, now you can also use it to log your personnel work time! Everyone can create a Time Card for the Payroll Department in the same program you already use everyday.

Employees have up-to-date sick pay and vacation eligibility information. They can now submit their timecard electronically to the Payroll Dept, or print them for supervisor approval. They can even submit a pre-filled out Time Off form.

Server system time accurately clocks your time in and time out. Or optionally allow for free-form times. Use it the way that best fits your office requirements.

Automated E-mail Reminders
Now when you schedule or change an appointment with a client, you can have an automatic reminder e-mail sent to them with details.

You can customize the e-mail template and have the details of the schedule item show up in the [Details] section as seen in this sample.

Message Completion Status
Messages have a new Status field that let managers mark a message as incomplete, pending or complete. The field is shared between all copies of the message, so everyone knows at a glance when it’s complete.

Message Filtering
A new field lets you just type in a word or phrase and have your messages quickly filtered to show just those results in a folder.

Fast Search Indexing
Now you can search your PHONEslips data in seconds. Even with over 100,000 messages, you can find a result in 6 seconds!

See it in action here...

More features:

Send a text message directly from PhoneList
* Undelete for PhoneList and Scheduler
* Transfer to Switchboard from phone message
* Support for multiple HTML e-mail signatures
* Set amount of previous text to use in Memo replies
* Personal Item Codes in Scheduler
* Support for hyperlinks in all message types and notes
* Save a Bulletin as a draft before posting to the Bulletin Board
* Plus improvements to PHONEslips features you use everyday

Includes our PSemail Gateway (a $169 value)

Adds full Internet e-mail capabilities to PHONEslips and lets you handle office e-mail administration and tracking in one place. It offers an inexpensive alternative to Outlook and Exhange Server and supports all standard e-mail funtionality as well as more advanced features such as SSL support, non-standard port numbers for SMTP and POP3, the ability to run as a service, extensive spam filtering, the ability to filter and route e-mail, automatic office-wide e-mail archiving and much more.