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Who We Are...

    There are a lot of computer service companies in the Nassau and Suffolk county area, but none of them are quite like us! What separates us from the rest? We have taken a fresh approach to the way computer consulting is typically done in this area. First and foremost, our customer service is among the best in the business. We want you to be our customer for life, so we will always take care of you in a prompt, friendly and helpful manner. 
    We also offer you affordable flat rate prices so there are never any surprises about how much you'll be charged for our services. To save you money, we've also grouped some of our most popular services into package deals, and even offer you a discount when ordering more than one Individual Service at the same time. Free diagnostics. On-site service. No travel fees. If we can't solve your problem, you pay us nothing. 
    As you can see, we have your best interests at heart and we have a real eagerness and desire to help you. Our business practices prove it.


A Message from John, Owner/Head Technician


    I have been effectively serving Long Island since 1992, believe it or not. A lot has changed since then, but one thing that has remained the same is my commitment to quality technical services at a fair price. Our onsite services have been rated as the highest on Long Island. With our unique technology, we are now able to bring our outstanding services to the world. When you call Terref.com, you are not just calling a company, you are calling people who understand that technology can be frustrating and who will do their best to help you. We care. Our commitment to our clients goes beyond what you might expect. We want to build lasting relationships founded on trust and mutual benefit.

    I personally hope you find your experience with Terref.com to be enjoyable and rewarding. If you ever have any comments, concerns, or suggestions that will help us improve, you can call me at any time or email me by clicking 

Thanks for stopping by!

John Punzi




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